Pink Chucks

She wanted me to create something for her and the topic was first love but I needed some inspiration so I asked her to tell me about him. This was my favorite story.

He was an 18 yr old motorcycle lovin’ football player and she was a 15 yr old introverted music loving geek. The first time he saw her she’d been taking a leisurely walk past his school while everyone ran for shelter from the sudden down pour of rain. She smiled at him as she walked past his bike. His heart stuttered. By the time he’d recovered enough to realize he should go after her she’d disappeared into one of the countless stores along the avenue. For the next week he’d park his motorcycle in the same spot he’d first seen her hoping to spot her again.

Nine months later it was his turn to pick up the new guy for practice. She opened the door holding a bunch of Gerber daisies and smiled at him. She wore pink converse sneakers she’d dyed herself , Converse didn’t make pink Chucks back then. He smiled when he saw the red heart drawn on the chuck’s tongue. She was the new guy’s little sister and he thought she was 7 flavors of adorable. Two weeks later on the first day of summer they had their first date, he hadn’t planned on kissing her that night especially in the middle of The Bronx street but she’d worn her pink chucks and a yellow Geber daisy in her long hair. Instant love.

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